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Founder / Primary Instructor

After experiencing the benefits of Classical Pilates in her body, Jessie completed over 700hours of apprenticeship to get a second certification with Authentic Pilates Education International under the close mentorship of Olga Tamara (Principal Teacher Trainer at APEI.)

Jessie is passionate about the traditional Pilates method and a firm believer in its benefits for all ages, size and gender. She aims to empower her clients to make lasting mind-body connections so they can move their bodies better in real life. Her clients would describe her teaching style as encouraging and patient.

She maintains a strong self-practice and regularly attends continuing education to provide safe and effective instruction to her clients. She trains consistently with her teachers Eric Carlovich, Jacqueline Martin, and Zoë Hagler.


Professional Pilates Instructor, Authentic Pilates Education International (2019)

Certified Pilates Instructor, Level 1 Comprehensive, STOTT Pilates (2016)


Senior Pilates Instructor

Ginny has over 20 years of Pilates experience studying Pilates and teaching clients. She was a teacher trainer for Pilates certification centres such as STOTT Pilates (Toronto) and Pilates Academy International (NY).

In 2019, Ginny retrained in the Classical Pilates method. She completed her Bridge program with the prestigious Romana's Pilates program in Sydney under the mentorship of Cynthia Lochard (Level I, Grand Master Teacher Trainer & Principal Instructor, Romana's Pilates) and regularly attends Romana's Pilates continuing education workshops. Ginny is also trained to work with pre- and post-natal clients.

We are incredibly lucky to have Ginny on the roster. Please enquire for availability.

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